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We are Cencora.

And you are at the center of everything we do.

Cencora brings AmerisourceBergen and all of our companies and services together under one new name. While we are expanding our network of like-minded pharmacists, physicians, caregivers and healthcare continuum, our commitment to supporting your ability to provide patient-centric care has never been more of a focus.  It’s business as usual while our full transition unfolds over time.

ASD Healthcare is now specialty distribution

Mother and daughter hugging and laughing

Specialty distribution that puts patients first

Mother and daughter hugging and laughing

If you ask one of our associates what they did today, they might tell you, “I delivered hope for a mother undergoing chemotherapy.” Or, “We helped create a brighter future for a child with hemophilia.” Another might say, “I helped provide a second chance for an injured firefighter.”

Every associate might have a different story to tell, but there would be a patient at the heart of each one. Every day, our singular focus on your patients and your purpose inspires our excellence. Excellence in the superior selection we offer. Excellence in the 24-hour access we provide. And excellence in the exceptional customer service we deliver. We are unwavering in our commitment to helping you save time and resources, so you can focus on improving the quality of your patients’ lives.

Mother and daughter hugging and laughing

Customer service that works for you

Packages delivered daily
Emergency ordering
 Pack-out accuracy rate

New products and new indications

We’re always expanding our product lines to make sure you have access to what your patients need. To keep you up to date, we also provide new product indications approved by the FDA.

Our products


We offer over 100 oncology-related therapeutics for more than 80 indications and conditions related to cancer, including brain, breast, colorectal, leukemia, lung, lymphoma and prostate cancers.

Specialty drugs

We’ve been protecting the product integrity of specialty pharmaceuticals for over 25 years. Whether you need tuberculosis vaccines or the latest treatment for Crohn’s disease, we deliver quickly and securely.

Plasma derivatives

For patients who require blood-derived therapeutics, getting the right products to the right facilities at the right time is a matter of life or death. We understand the urgency. We’re here to help. 

Flu vaccines

When it comes to flu season, preparation is everything. Our year-round program helps you stay prepared with the tools, communications and support you need to run a successful flu vaccination program.

Nephrology and renal

In addition to life-sustaining medications, we deliver personal attention, industry expertise and exceptional customer service to help your facility work smarter, faster and better, all to the benefit of your patients.

Women’s health

We're making it easier to get more of what you need from a single source. Now you can purchase IUDs and vaccines, as well as supportive treatments—through the distribution network you already know and trust.

Making it easier to get what you need

We help you focus on providing life-saving care by making it easier, faster and more efficient to do business with us.

Track a shipment

Follow the progress of your order using your account number, purchase order number, or sales order number.

Request a return

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We’re here to support you throughout the return process.

Emergency ordering

We can provide overnight, or even same-day service throughout the contiguous United States. We are here for you, 24/7/365.

We're here to help

We’ve become a key leader in specialty pharmaceutical distribution because of our exceptional customer service. Our first priority is helping you save time, so you can focus on making a difference in your patients’ lives. Tell us how we can help you today.