ASD Healthcare is now AmerisourceBergen specialty distribution
As part of the next phase of our evolution, the ASD Healthcare brand will be streamlined as AmerisourceBergen’s specialty distribution capabilities. This change does not impact ordering or contracting.

Product Catalog

Our interactive product catalog is your convenient way to get quick updates for our most popular products, including oncology, plasma derivatives, pharmaceuticals, women's health and nephrology. If you don't see a product you need, just call 800.746.6273 for personalized service. We have thousands of additional choices to complete your order.  

Download the full product catalog


Note: The downloadable PDF version is updated on a quarterly basis and was last updated May, 2021. The Excel version is updated more frequently and was last updated on 01/07/2022. For the most current product information, we recommend reviewing the interactive product catalog above.

ASD Healthcare gathers code information from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( and the American Medical Association’s AAPC CPT® code database. Codes listed in the catalog are updated biannually by ASD Healthcare, or more often if necessary. All codes should be verified between the provider and the payer to confirm accuracy. ASD Healthcare does not warrant the accuracy of codes and cannot be held liable for any resultant claims.

Indications are updated quarterly and may not reflect the most up to date information. Please consult the Last Updated Date and refer to the manufacturers and FDA information for the latest information.

ASD Healthcare is providing information about the reference molecule for each of the products in our Biosimilar Product Catalog to assist our customers with the ordering process. By providing this information, ASD Healthcare is not suggesting that the biosimilar product is interchangeable with or identical to the molecule listed. ASD Healthcare strongly encourages our customers to review the labeling information for any product, including biosimilar products, and to rely on their own clinical judgment before ordering or prescribing any product, including a biosimilar for a particular patient.

Search results may be overinclusive or underinclusive based on search terms used. ASD Healthcare makes no representations about which products should be used to treat which conditions.  Indication information has been sourced directly from the manufacturer’s product labeling and is updated periodically.  You should use your clinical judgment to determine which product may be appropriate in each instance.  Please refer to the product's information page for details on approved indications. Please consult the product labeling and associated ISI for the most accurate and current information about these products, including approved indications.


Last Updated: 01/07/2022