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Five Good Reasons to Use a Single Distributor

By ASD Healthcare

Over the past decade, physician practices have seen profit margins move from lean to razor thin. With additional pressure to operate at maximum efficiency while proving quality outcomes for patients, practices need to make smart decisions and develop strategic partnerships.

It might seem like good practice to spend time researching different distributors for each pharmaceutical, but practices will want to also consider the many advantages that a single distribution partner can bring.

It takes time and money to contact different vendors, request information and contract options for each item, handle multiple shipments and manage the accounts payable. Choosing one friendly and reliable supplier can not only produce overall savings, but frees up valuable time that could be better spent with patients or growing your practice.
A well-chosen pharmaceutical distribution partner should offer significant advantages and conveniences to a physician practice. Here are five good reasons to use a single distributor for specialty products, injectables, vaccines, ancillary supplies and general pharmaceuticals.

1.    Single-source technology

Distributors are making investments in technology solutions that are providing an edge to practices who fully utilize them. Access to self-service tools that increase efficiency can offer proven value to a practice, while such efficiencies greatly diminish when procurement is spread across multiple sources. With a single distribution partner, there is greater opportunity for streamlined integration - when information is shared across order management, inventory management and business intelligence systems it creates a powerful suite of tools for improving practice performance. A distributor's order management site should not be underestimated. Seemingly simple automated reminders, such as upcoming invoice due dates, can provide tremendous value when it comes to helping practices effectively manage cash flow.

2.    Simply better service

Great service is a claim all distributors make. For some, it's not just a claim, it's a business model. Look for a distributor to accelerate access to pharmaceuticals, market insights, technology solutions, and reimbursement and financial guidance. Whether calling in an order or going online, expect a pleasant and highly efficient experience with a real person and a quick response time.

3.    Reduced risk and compliance confidence

As the industry becomes ever more complex, practices need a trusted distributor. This includes an easy-to-view audit trail which is fully DQSA/DSCSA compliant. Having a single source of distribution gives greater shipment integrity, which reduces the risk of error, loss and damage. Purchases are easier to track in one management tool, giving practices accurate shipment information and visibility to the entire chain of custody.

4.    Greater efficiency and more time 

Timely deliveries are crucial for practices and their patients - that's why next business day orders on pharmaceuticals are a must. This means that an order placed on Friday arrives on Monday so physicians, staff and patients are not kept waiting. Prompt service also reduces the risk of shipments being lost or damaged, avoiding such burden on a practice's time. One distributor means shipments are consolidated into one delivery, resulting in fewer interruptions and less staff time spent receiving and checking product. And of course having a single distribution partner reduces that time-consuming paperwork. With fewer packing lists to reconcile, fewer checks to cut and fewer returns to coordinate, productivity can increase.

5.    Improved cash flow

Having a single distributor also provides financial benefits for a practice, including cost savings on delivery charges and on returns which should be hassle free, with credit being applied the moment the returned product is received. Exceptional customer service from a single distributor provides further advantages such as alerts on best pricing and terms for regularly ordered pharmaceuticals. Similarly, the cost of holding inventory can be minimized and cash flow balanced by the tools and resources offered by a single distributor. 
Healthcare providers hold a magnitude of responsibility. Physician practices are under pressure to demonstrate quality, cost effective care while operating with maximum efficiency. The right partner can make all the difference.

At Besse Medical the value we deliver goes beyond the package arriving safely and on time. We strive to improve product access by continually expanding our product portfolio. Ultimately, we deliver the support independent practices need to maximize effectiveness and efficiency and elevate their patient's experience.

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