Cubixx® Consignment

Carry what you need, without carrying the cost

Cubixx Consignment stores and tracks RFID-tagged inventory securely in your facility. We only invoice you when a product is removed for use. With automatic reordering, you know you’ll always have what you need at your fingertips, without carrying all the costs.

Protecting your patients and your products

Cubixx ensures supply chain security and accountability by tracking dispensed products at the pharmacist, tech or other provider level. Continuous temperature, recall, and expiration monitoring ensure the integrity of your products and the safety of your patients. Plus, by carrying additional inventory without carrying the costs, you’ll be ready to respond faster in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.
Cubixx logo displayed at the top of the machine

More time to focus on what matters

Once you decide the right mix of products to have on hand, Cubixx takes care of the rest. Individual RFID tags eliminate barcode scanning and label printing. We track what gets dispensed and returned to your cabinet, and when inventory drops below your predetermined criteria, we’ll send you pre-tagged product to restock. Cubixx even makes reporting easier by generating custom compliance and temperature-monitoring reports.

Reducing your costs

Consignment services were designed to simplify your workflow and decrease carrying costs. Our lease-based model reduces your capital investment in hardware and maintenance. Contracted pricing guarantees cost transparency with no hidden fees. Consigned products are only invoiced when they’re dispensed, meaning you can maintain more inventory without risk. Automated reordering and tracking eliminate unnecessary revenue loss due to human error and oversight. 
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Reclaim your time

Our inventory management solutions will lighten your administrative load. Let’s start working smarter together.
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